Teaching Assistant

Northeastern University

Assist teaching and grading, help students understand concepts of metrics, microservices, and tools such as AWS SQS, Aurora, RabbitMQ, JMeter, Redis, and build scalable distributed systems via assignments and sessions.

September 2023 - Present

Software Engineer Intern

JreamScape LLC

Worked on a project that generates videos based on MoviePy, Azure speech-text recognition, GPT prompts. Managed to get synced lyrics dictionary from audios. Automated API communication with the short-video platforms using AWS auth and Selenium. Created UI interface to automate the project for scheduled uploading and content preference using React.

July 2023 - September 2023

Engineering Intern

Chinese Academy of Sciences

• Constructed an internal testing web page with React.js, Redux and Ant Design. Applied prioritized loading and Service Worker for caching on the client side to enhance the performance.

• Conducted research of Few-shot learning algorithms for wind turbine blade flaw detection, applied multiple evaluations to the proposed models in papers using Python. Tuned the crucial hardware parameter in products using MATLAB.

January 2020 - February 2020

Software Engineer Intern, Backend

Kingdee Software

• Worked in an enterprise data visualization and analysis development team of an ERP software provider. Responsible for implementing comment related functionalities. Designed data models and SQL queries, and ensured support of comment threading and nesting. Implemented RESTful APIs and wrote an interceptor for pagination. Cached user bios info with Redis, and optimized the gRPC call with payload compression, connection pool, resulting in improving the overall response by 30%.

• Collaborated closely with a major stakeholder and resolved data formatting issues in the product.

July 2019 - August 2019