Multi-Tasking Operating Systems Kernel

C, Linux, X86 Assembly, GDB, QEMU
Used C, assembly, Linux kernel design patterns to build a demo multi-tasking OS Kernel that has an interactive shell, FAT16 file system, with the ability of memory management, paging, interrupt, crash-handling, ELF-files loading.

Microservice Structured News Forum

Java, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Redis, AWS, Docker, Elasticsearch, JMeter
Created a News forum with user authentication, file-uploading by GridFS, account administration, content management with Spring-Cloud. Applied RabbitMQ to decouple auditing and scheduled publish to improve scalability. Built a cache with Redis while ensuring the data consistency. Used Elasticsearch for News search. Deployed on AWS EC2 with Docker and used JMeter for load testing. Utilized AWS ELB to improve the throughput by 90%, to over 1800/s, and p99 response time under 100ms.

3D Facial Reconstruction Application

JavaScript, WebGL, React,js, Nginx
Developed an interface of a machine learning reconstruction algorithm by WebGL and React.js that renders the JSON 3D data based on the object illumination patterns with the provided 2D facial images.
Accelerated the application by over 40% from implementing an observation-distance based multi-level rendering.